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Go beyond CVs and backgrounds.


Hiring is not about filling a position. An unfit hire can influence and affect the morale of your other employees. Hiring right can be simple through better job matches from culture fit and skills match assessments – right from the start before you spend time interviewing candidates or going through CVs.

Hire based on candidates' predicted on-the-job performance and not their CVs or backgrounds.

Save Time Identifying Top Candidates

Save time screening potential candidates by automatically ranking candidates through our scoring system. Shortlisting candidates just got simpler and more efficient

Retention & Growth

Stop making mistakes in hiring. Predict a new hire’s on-the-job performance and retainability from the start.

Candidate Experience

Create an engaging hiring journey through Prehireforms. Let candidates be familiarised with your company's culture right from the start.

What Our Customers Say

We completed an early beta test with companies and here's what they say.

CVs seldom give us the best representation of an applicant. Prehireforms helped to provide a better overview of an applicants’ skills and culture fit match before we interact with them in a cost-effective way.

by AKM Muthu, CEO of Swipelah!

Everyone wants to hire good talents but it's difficult to identify them within a short time-to-fill period. With Prehireforms, we are now shortlisting candidates faster and better, wasting no time on unqualified candidates.

by Mun Foong, Phoenix Signiture Kitchen

What Our Candidates Say

Your candidates' experiences with you are extremely important to us. Here are what they think of their screening process

I like the smoothness and animations of the form!

by ILYA N.

Thanks for such a beautiful and competitive form. I learned a lot about myself!

by Azeem Sharif

The process was quicker and easier than I expected. I actually enjoyed this process! Good Idea.

by Craig Tanaka

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