Save time screening candidates. With our scoring system, automatically shortlist top candidates.


Employee engagement starts from your first interaction with them – the hiring stage. Create an engaging hiring journey by highlighting your company’s brand. Familiarisation starts from pre-hiring.


Make less hiring mistakes. Predict a new hire’s on-the-job performance, motivation factor and retainability from the start based on cultural and skills fit. 

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Shortlist candidates based on job match and cultural fit. Not their background. 

Remove bias when hiring. De-bias your hiring process & procedures through prehireforms, right from the start of your hiring process.

How to select the right person for the right job

3 simple steps to a better pre-interview selection

Always start with a few skills assessment questionnaires based on your selection criteria and job fit. Focus on the qualified candidates only.


Complete prehireforms

Send a prehireform to candidates either by sending the link to them manually or putting up the link on any of your job sites. 


Screen top candidates

Next, look at whether your candidates qualify as a top candidate by scoring at least 50% of the match score in cultural fit, skills or any other generic questions you preset as a test criteria? Proceed to look further only if they did!



Contact your shortlisted candidates for a pre-interview. You may request for a video interview too. Next, schedule a face-to-face interviews. Remember to structure your interview questions based on the prehireform results, clarifying any questions you may have.

Improve your retention & productivity

Great employees drive growth and profitability. 

Start hiring right today

Understanding candidates’ skills set and cultural fit match from the start…

Hiring Cost
Save Time

Include pre-hire talent assessments into your hiring process.

Make the right hiring decision. 

Hiring someone is not about filling a position. A bad hire can influence and affect the morale of your other engaged employees too.

Hiring right is easy and it can help you save time by simply conducting a simple pre-hire assessment form – even before interviewing the candidate or looking through their CVs. 

Hire based on job match. Not their background.