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Why Prehireforms

Hiring Made Fun and Easy!

Hire the right people for the right job

In just one click, we generate unique insights into each candidate from a range of attributes covering their communication skills, teamwork, working attutide and more.

Identify your top talent instantly!

Save time screening candidates from 1 hour to now just in 5 minutes! Zero time wasted on unqualified candidates.

Enjoyable Candidate Experience

Enhance the employer’s branding with enjoyable engaging pre-hire screening forms. Candidates shared that applying for jobs have never felt this pleasant!

Our Features

Effective Candidate Screening Features

Real-Time Candidate Screening

Auto-disqualifying Candidates

Role-specific skills machine learning tool

Self-service Assessment Questions Library

Fully Customisable Beautiful Pre-Hire Forms

Applicants' Status Tracking

Candidates ranking and scores

Refer-a-Friend / Multi-Recruiters Management

A new enjoyable way for a pleasant job application experience

Testimonials from Employers and Candidates

I really enjoyed filling this form, applying for a job never felt so pleasant :) I really like the idea of the product too.


Frontend Developer Candidate

Great customer service! Prehireforms helped me save 90% of my time screening CVs! The assessments helped me know more about candidates early, helping me to make better shortlisting decisions. Love it so much!

Hannah Chong

HR Executive at SEA Gamer Mall

CVs seldom give us the best representation of an applicant. Prehireforms helped to provide a better overview of an applicants’ skills and culture fit match before we interact with them in a cost-effective way.

AKM Muthu

CEO & Founder of Swipelah Pte. Ltd.

Customer from Singapore

Love this tech savvy link to conduct pre-assessment for the applicants which indicates the company is supportive to invest to get the right talent.

Ranjit Kaur

HR Business Partner Candidate

The candidate analysis report is very useful for me. It shows me more insights which are not covered in a CV, giving me a picture of the person I'm about to interview and what to expect from them.


Head of Staff at TADA Group

Customer from Indonesia

Everyone wants to hire high performing talent but it's difficult to identify them within a short time-to-fill period. With Prehireforms, we are now shortlisting candidates faster and better, wasting no time on unqualified candidates.

Ng Mun Foong

CEO & Founder of Phoenix Signature Kitchen

Customer from Malaysia

I love the job application as it is very interactive and light. Contrast to normal or traditional way. I had fun filling up and answering the questions.


Loyalty CRM Manager Candidate

This platform is very good as it is easy for me to fill and not felt overwhelming with the amount of the input required.


Data Engineer Candidate

Thanks for such a beautiful and competitive form. I learned a lot about myself.


Frontend Developer Candidate

The application form is very innovative and made the process less boring and much more enjoyable! I like the fact that the questions are conversational and lighthearted.

Yeoh A.N

Sales Development Representative Candidate

Candidate from Singapore

Really appreciate this immediate screening process, I think it's efficient for both parties. Definitely saves a couple days of lead time.


Revenue Growth Manager Candidate

Love the way questionaire is presented. Allows candidate to deeply reflect on themselves. Matching of candidate and company would be much higher in comparison to traditional interviews.

Devan Tan

Head of Business Development Candidate

I'm happy with the process of this job application because it runs smoothly. The UI is great and the animation is perfect! Superb!


Content Creator Candidate from Malaysia

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