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It's way too costly to hire the wrong team

Companies are wasting an average US$14,900 for every wrong hire.


Analysis Accuracy

(Rated by Hiring Managers)


Candidates rated "Happy-Extremely Happy" with their candidate experience


Potential Time Savings In Screening Candidates


higher in job application completion rate

For Managers

Your Crystall Ball 🔮 to "see" candidates do the job before they get the job

In one click, we generate unique insights about candidates' on-the-job performance specific to your job-fit criteria.

For Managers

Get Interview Questions💬
with tips working with your future employees.

Tell us your specific selection criteria.
Get suggested interview questions with tips on how you can work well with your future employees before they even join you!

For Recruiters

One-Click Candidate Screening

Screen hundreds to thousands of candidates in one-click. Waste zero time on unqualified candidates.

Candidate Experience

Fun & Meaningful 😃
Candidate Experience

Candidates learn more about the job before they meet the team. Build an enjoyable & engaging candidate experience through fully customisable journey creations.

Questions Library

Generic Skills & Cultural Fit

Cultural Fit

Attitude towards work


Analytical Thinking

Attention to Detail

Communication Skills

Computational Thinking

Creative Thinking


Decision Making

Developing People

Digital Literacy

Entrepreneurial Skills

Global Mindset

Interpersonal Skills


Lifelong Learning

Managing Diversity

Organisational Skills

Problem Solving

Resource Management


Sense of Responsibility

Service Orientation

Strong Work Ethics


Transdisciplinary Thinking

Virtual Collaboration

Questions Library

Other Technical Skills


Data Analytics

Social Media



Microsoft Excel

React Native

Business Negotiation

Content Writing

Paid Advertising


Graphic Design

CRM Management

Contract Management



Channel Sales

Adobe Photoshop

SQL Programming

Customer Success



Compensation & Benefits

Culture Diversity & Inclusion

and more...

How it works

1. Set selection criteria

TeamworkWork Ethics
Attention to Detail
SEO Data Visualization JavascriptAdaptability Curiosity Creative ThinkingContent Writing Sales Prospecting Graphic Design and more..

2. Customize Form

Browse our Questions Library or Create Your Own Questions. Design a form journey to engage candidates.

3. Share Job Unique URL

Your Form is LIVE now! Share your Job Unique URL with the candidates through email, or integrate it into the "Apply Now" on job sites directly!

4. One-click Screening

One-click to spot your top talent with the best job-fit.


Real-Time Candidate Screening

Candidates' Video Answers

Candidates' Analysis Report

Auto-disqualifying Candidates

Industry and Role specific skills suggestions

1000+ Assessment Questions Library

Fully Customisable Pre-Hire Forms Journey Creation

Applicants' Status Tracking

Candidates ranking and scores

Cultural Fit / Generic Skills / Technica Skills Pre-qualification Assessments

Our Case Studies

Hiring successes on Prehireforms

SEA Gamer Mall

Tommy Chieng, Chief Executive Officer

Prehireforms automated our hiring process and helped identify the right hires for us. It has worked out really well! It's like we're given a crystal ball to understand how our candidates work before hiring them.

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TADA Group

Dewi Ratnasari, Head of Staff

The candidate analysis report is very useful for me. It shows me more insights which are not covered in a CV, giving me a picture of the person I'm about to interview and what to expect from them.

RPG Commerce

Melvin Chee, Chief Executive Officer

Prehireforms has been very helpful in our recruitment process and has provided a good amount of candidates. We have been getting in touch with many potential and viable candidates, especially on roles that have been challenging for us to recruit internally. The backend system is fuss-free and easy to use, which helps us in reviewing candidate profiles at a faster pace.

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Sam Chang, Assistant Manager, Talent Acquisition

I found Prehireforms is super easy to use. With their friendly-use & cool features such as analytic report, pre-application form, etc, I am able to quickly identify & evaluate the candidate's suitability before even initiate a conversation with them. Thus far, I have yet seen any other platforms that provides such features other than Prehireforms and I definitely like them!

Supports all major Applicants' Tracking System

20+ Integrations with ATS