How to identify candidates with good communication skills before interviewing them

Hire talents through skills assessments (or some call it the pre-hire forms or pre-employment tests) can be very effective if you use the right tools and you’re clear what type of talent you are looking for.

Prehireforms CVs
Stop hiring based on candidates’ background as written in CVs. Start hiring based on predicted on-the-job performance

One oft the most common mistake made by a company is hiring the wrong talents. Yes, the candidates appear great in their CVs and presented themselves well during interview. But when they get on to work, their work performance does not match what they presented themselves during the selection process! These mistakes can be avoided if you add skills assessments tests into your pre-employment screening process.

These tests can help companies to predict a candidate’s on-the-job performance, and some can even help test if they can fit into the company’s culture and team. The better the candidate scores in these test, in theory, the better they would perform in your company and the longer they may stay in your company.

Try using talent assessments forms as the first step in screening talents, even before you view their CVs. This helps you save time in screening the right candidates from the start. It also helps you to test the accuracy of what the candidate claimed about them – even before the interview.

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