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Rank candidates based on job fit

Identify your top talents instantly!

"52% of Talent Acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool." We made it easier for you.

Predict a candidate’s on-the-job performance

Hiring someone new whom you've not worked with before is risky. CVs and their past experiences may not always best represent what they can deliver. Prehireforms generates a unique analysis reports on each candidate showing you an overview of their predicted on-the-job performance so that you may can get to know these candidates better before hiring them.

Easy to review candidates via our real-time candidate results

Review candidates' skills & competencies, cultural fit, and any other custom questions based on your specific selection criteria, all at a glance. Compare candidates and understand their ranking in score matches compared to the others.

Identify your top talents and shortlist them based on grades

Grade candidates and rank them in the order of their match to your hiring requirements so you can easyly identify your top candidates, including resurfacing any hidden talents.

Track candidates' application status

Updates candidates' application status via our simple and easy to use applicants' status tracking system. Add notes on the candidates' page so you're kept reminded on your last communication with them.

Auto-disqualify candidates, just one click away

Spend zero time with the unqualfied candidates. Activate the "auto-disqualify" button so our smart machine can automatically disqualify candidates who do not meet your non-negotiable requirements

Create Beautiful and Engaging Pre-hire forms

Employers' Branding with enhanced candidate experience

Achieve a high form completion rate by creating engaging and beautiful forms. You will be amazed by the results!

Create engaging candidate engagement journeys through storytelling

Employee engagement starts right from the point candidates interact with your company.

Create engaging candidates' journeys by crafting "chapter-by-chapter" stories about the role and your company culture, in the process of them completing their pre-hire assessments, giving you all the answers you need to find the right match.

Build a pre-hire form that stands out from the rest!

An effective and engaging candidate experience improves your pre-hire forms completion form. Design beautiful forms with flexible formatting with Prehireforms

Format your questions any way you like them. Bold your text, add colors, add external link and more

Make beautiful forms by formatting the questions any way you like them. Bold the text, change your text colors, striking a word off, add a URL, add a list, change the font size and more!

Choose from multiple question types

Create your own custom questions by selecting the question type that best fit your requirements:

  • Text Answer Response
  • Multiple Choice
  • Scale Question (1 to 5)
  • Upload a File
  • Add an Image
  • Text Paragraph only

Job Fit & Skills Assessment Tests

Build your own assessment. Fully customisable.

Full access to our questions bank from cultural fit, generic skills and more...

Our questions bank includes questionnaires to understand candidates' match to your specific company cultural background, generic skills & competencies, standard requirements match and more.

Full control over your pre-hire assessment forms

Our questions bank acts as a template for you to create your own pre-hire assessment forms. All forms and questionnaires are fully editable to suit your every unique requirements.

Easy selection of industries and roles to identify the needed skills

Easy guide for you to identify skills needed for a specific job role. Select Your Industry, followed by your Job Title and there you have the proposed generic skills & competencies needed for the role.

Generic Skills and Competencies adapted from Skills Framework by SkillsFuture Singapore

The Skills Framework is an integral component of the Industry Transformation Maps and it is co-created by Employers, Industry Associations, Education Institutions, Unions and Government for the Singapore workforce.

The Skills Framework provides key information on sector, career pathways, occupations/job roles, as well as existing and emerging skills required for the occupations/job roles.