Unbiased Candidate Screening Personal Assistant

We help you discover hidden talents from your pool of talents

Price: USD 69 per job per month only!

Limited Time Only!

Identify your top talents

We help you shortlist candidates based on job fit

"52% of Talent Acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool." We made it easier for you.

We help you predict a candidate’s on-the-job performance

Hiring someone new whom you've not worked with before is risky. CVs and their past experiences may not always best represent what they can deliver. Prehireforms generates a unique analysis reports on each candidate showing you an overview of their predicted on-the-job performance so that you may can get to know these candidates better before hiring them.

Easy to review candidates via our real-time candidate results

Review candidates' skills & competencies, cultural fit, and any other custom questions based on your specific selection criteria, all at a glance. Compare candidates and understand their ranking in score matches compared to the others.

Create Beautiful and Engaging Pre-hire application forms

We help enhance Employers' Branding

We create an engaging candidate experience with high application rate and completion rate with engaging and beautiful application forms. You will be amazed by the results!

Create engaging candidate engagement journeys through storytelling

Employee engagement starts right from the point candidates interact with your company.

Create engaging candidates' journeys by crafting "chapter-by-chapter" stories about the role and your company culture, in the process of them completing their pre-hire assessments, giving you all the answers you need to find the right match.

Candidate Analysis with Scores based on job fit

We assess and share shortlisted candidates' job fit.

We help assess candidates based on the required skills set

We use expert-made assessments to test candidates' match based on cultural fit, working attitude and generic skills such as Communication Skills, Teamwork, Time management and more.

(This excludes testing of technical skills where the test questions may be separatedly provided by the employer)

Free Applicants' Tracking System

Track applicants' status

We have included an applicants' tracking system into the package. You will be getting full access to it so you can track all your applicants' status and respond to them timely.

Identify your top talents and shortlist them based on grades

Candidates are rank them in the order of their match to your hiring requirements in the applicants' tracking system so you can easily identify your top candidates, including resurfacing any hidden talents.

Track candidates' application status (Included!)

Updates candidates' application status via our simple and easy to use applicants' status tracking system. Add notes on the candidates' page so you're kept reminded on your last communication with them.

Let's find out what it includes

What's Included?

Unlimited Candidates Screening and Shortlisting of top talents with best match

Candidate Interviews Scheduling

Committed to max. 2 working days to respond candidate upon receiving status from employer.

Prehireforms self-built Applicants' Tracking System

Prehireforms Candidates' Application Form Hosted with Prehireforms

Candidate Sourcing (Available upon request with additional cost)


Background Checks